Vegetarian Pullulan Capsules

Pullulan is a naturally occurring, edible, bland and tasteless polymer, which is sourced from fungi grown on a starch substrate. Pullulan is currently included in the US as well as Japanese and EU Pharmacopoeia, Pullulan capsules are widely used in food and beverage industry as they provide an excellent oxygen barrier.


  • Our Pullulan capsules are brilliantly clear and shiny, which makes them visually attractive.
  • Pullulan is chemically inert and does not react or  cross link with the contents of the capsule.
  • Pullulan capsules are the best choice for oxygen sensitive materials. Pullulan film is approximately 300 times stronger oxygen barrier than HPMC and 9 times stronger than gelatine film of the same thickness.
  • Pullulan is derived from vegetables and water soluble natural polysaccharides. There are no toxic chemicals involved in growing, harvesting and extracting pullulan, which makes it a completely natural and environmentally friendly materiel.

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